HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint Review

Introduction and Design
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Introduction and Design:

Sprint is set to release the HTC Touch Pro2, making it the second national carrier behind T-Mobile to release the business titan and the first time we will see it on a proper 3G network.  The Sprint version is largely the same as what we’d seen in the international and T-Mobile versions, but there are two main differences.  First off is obviously the radio.  This is the CDMA version, but unlike its Touch Pro predecessor it also packs a GSM radio, making it a true world device.  In keeping with Sprint’s open philosophy, the Touch Pro2’s GSM radio is unlocked, meaning that you can pop in your own SIM when across the pond.  It should be noted however that it doesn’t support US GSM bands, meaning you won’t be able to use it on T-Mobile or AT&T domestically.

The other noticeable (and very welcome) change is the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack.  We knew this was coming, but it’s always nice to see it in the flesh.  This immediately makes Sprint’s Touch Pro2 a much better media device than the previous variants.  With the massive 3.6”, 480x800 pixel display the Touch Pro2 is a formidable video player, especially since there are programs like CorePlayer which will bring XviD support to the device.  We’re still not crazy about HTC’s stock music player application, but again third-party players are available to fill in.

As is common with variants, Sprint’s Touch Pro2 has gotten a visual makeover as well.  We have to say, unless AT&T really knocks it out of the park we’re digging the Sprint design the best.  The chrome bezel we found on Sprint’s Touch Pro and the original Touch Pro2 is thankfully gone, replaced by a much more attractive and understated gunmetal trim.  We were never a fan of the contrasting colors, although we can’t say we were incredibly excited about T-Mobile’s bronze makeover either.  The back features a very contemporary speaker cutout (or faux cutout, more realistically) with orange accenting that we really like.

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