GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q2 2007

GSM Cameraphone Comparison Q2 2007
Since mobile phones cameras are currently receiving unprecedented attention and for many people they represent the main feature of the whole product, we compared the most sophisticated up-market models of the top manufacturers at the end of last year. Our article was widely read and it helped a lot of people compare the cameras of the phones they were choosing from and make their conclusions. Seven months have passed since the said article came out and the cameras, being maybe the most interesting feature of mobile phones, have experienced an evolution and there are already 5-megapixel cameras, whose specifications promise that they are better than their earlier competitors. Unfortunately, however, only two of the tested phones boast that resolution (Nokia N95 and LG KG920). The other manufacturers have not yet launched worthy competitors (as far as resolution is concerned) and therefore we are testing the best cameraphones (Samsung D900, Sony Ericsson K800, Nokia N93i). Although it saw an heir with the launch of К810, the hardware of the cameras of the two phones is absolutely the same and the new model does not come with improved resolution, but even with lower quality in our tests. There is also the D900, which shared the first place in our previous test with K800, while N93i will try to make up for the shameful performance of N93.

Tested phones (in alphabetical order of the models):

The different models have different competitive advantages, but which one is going to perform the best, taking everything into account?!

* Are the new 5-megapixel phones going to defeat the well-known and widely-used 3-megapixel shooters?
* Or maybe the classic models will prove that the technologies are not yet enough advanced and it is the quality, rather than the quantity, that matters?
* Is the best cameraphone going to be competitive to a real camera?

You’ll able to find the answers to the above questions after you have seen the results of the tests. We shall add to those comments and evaluations for all phones in each different category, thus expressing our personal and SUBJECTIVE opinion. You could use our opinion as a reference, although you do not have to be influenced by it in any way. It’s up to you to choose what you like.

We have taken almost 50 pictures (48 scenes, with 6 cameras = 288! pictures) altogether, targeting identical objects at one and the same time and from the same position, but using different cameras. The pictures have been taken under the following conditions / categories:

  1. in the open in broad daylight;
  2. at night;
  3. picture taken indoors with different degree of lighting and different distance from the objects;
  4. we have also tested some comparative charts.
  5. and close-up macro photos.

We have used the phones’ automatic settings; for the nighttime pictures and the macro photos we have selected the respective mode. We have re-taken a certain picture only in case we felt that the person behind the camera, rather than the camera, brought about a fault. If any of the pictures are not well exposed or focused, this means that this is what the respective phone’s camera is capable of doing. With nighttime pictures we attempted at taking the pictures with our hand, which explains why some of those are blurred.

In each category we have put a 100% crop image(s), which shows the cameras' performance difference. It helps you compare easily the performance, seeing the same object, reproduced by different devices. As 5-megapixel (and 6-megapixel) cameras take photo of the same object, but in bigger resolution, in our 100% crops you will see less of the object, but with more resolution. This is rather unfair, but that's the market - one offers 5-megapixel phone, the other doesn't. The stronger in the competition survives ...



1. SAAD unregistered

I think the price tag of N95 is quite high. It costs 52000 RS.(875$) here in Pakistan. Undoubtfully N95 has a better cam than K800 and personally I preffer the colors of N95 over K800. It's an exllent comparison and will help a lot of people who want to buy a good camera phone..

2. Ian unregistered

Comparing detail areas from any of the picture sets shows that the N95 is virtually incapable of capturing any! It has *strong* in-camera sharpening and noise reduction, and consequently leaves, grass, faces, etc. are unrecognizable. The colors for many sets were also less accurate, to my eyes, than the K800.

3. WK unregistered

I'm yet to understand the meaning of this test. The K800 had far better colours than the N95; both accurate and not oversaturated. But even that wasn't enough to win each round, because the N95 had 'more resolution'. The extra resolution was wasted because the shots were blurred beyond recognition by the noise reduction system. In fact at night, the N95's shots were blurry and not as close to the real colour compared to the K800, but yet it still gets a better score. And a better test for resolution as shown in the test chart, shows that the absolute resolution of the cameras to be the same.

4. Harry unregistered

I wanted to see a fair camera comparison between camera phones... But what has phone arena done... Given the N95 the top spot for nothing... In most of the situation th K800 took better pics... Better color both at night as well as day... As for close up pics, did u guys turned the macro on, on th K800??? When I clicked to check which phone takes better pics, I thought N95 would be the best... But I m wrong... And The conclusion of this review is even more wrong and false... And I m not the only one to realise this, check others comments before me... It seems like *okia gave u money for this!!!

5. Dane unregistered

The macro feature on the k800 is one of its shining points. The fact that you can't even figure out how to use it pathetic and pitiful. All avid k800/790 users know that in order to get the best macro shots, use the zoom to zoom in a tid bit to the object, then let the phone do the rest. It's saddening to see that the k800 was scored poorly in the macro section by people who obviously don't know how to use the phone. just my .02

6. Patrick unregistered

What's the big deal about 5 megapixels? Unless you want to print big prints it does nothing for the quality of the shot. I don't see why you rated N95 higher than K800 in some areas simply for that.

7. LiSa unregistered

i'd like to see u all open up your own websites and post useful information about news and reviews. it's easy to talk $hit about other people when ur the ones who haven't made ANY effort to prove them wrong other than BASHING their legit review. if u hate them so much...FIND ANOTHER BLOGSITE YOU AGREE WITH! moving along...kudos to you guys at Phone Arena for another stellar review. clearly the n95 came out a winner, and i can't wait til i receive mine next week!! keep up the good work! ;-P

8. PhoneArena Team unregistered

"We shall add to those comments and evaluations for all phones in each different category, thus expressing our personal and SUBJECTIVE opinion. You could use our opinion as a reference, although you do not have to be influenced by it in any way. It’s up to you to choose what you like." PhoneArena Team

9. andrew unregistered

I would like to see how older phones like the sharp 903sh would have held up in the competition and also the imobile 902.

10. Voytech unregistered

Look at the night pictures again and tell me why you scored N95 higher than K800. Left me puzzled there. On a different note, the N95 shines with its optics. Compare the day photos for magenta fringing on contrasting edges. And finally, while the N95 is a superior phone, its camera still is sub par to the one in K800. 2 extra megapixels don't really matter for much if the pictures have that "cheap digicam" video look.

11. Nirmal unregistered

I feel sad about this review,a lot of efort has been put into it but there is poor objectivity about the final results. look at the resolution charts,clearly the resolution extinguishes at around 10(1000 lines) for n95 while for the LG lines are clear upto 14(1400).Isn't this clear to the reviewers ?

12. paranoid unregistered

day by day the glitter around n95 is coming lesser 5 mpx camera : this review aptly demonstrates how bad this camera is though its better than n93i GPS : however does not accept any 3rd party application/maps,you have to pay by subscription 2.6 inch screen : however low resolution and pixellated Powerful processor: however very few compatible programs/games

13. allEn unregistered

not to worry guys...n95 might shoot best pics dan k800 bt i jst don giv a damn..i m jst w8in 4 da new CYBERSHOT of sony ericsson mobile..n i am sure dat da new one wil beat n95 lyk hell.. i am satisfied with phonearena's results because k800 has less reso. dan n95 dats y n95 can take better i m not botherd at me k800 iz stil da best camera phone dat alwayz stayz in ma pocket!

14. allEn unregistered

dis iz only auto mode u can get even beter picx if u set modes of ur own..dats my suggestion for all k800i users..

15. DJsam unregistered

Poor SE fanboys! Besides the fact that none of you have a basic grasp of the English language, and post nothing but incoherent gobbly gook, you all need to get your eyes checked for a pair of good glasses. The N95 takes better pics! Anyone with good eyes can see that. Accept the facts, and go wait for your precious Sofia. Then try again.

16. raj unregistered

I just cannot understand how the N95 with it's purple sky can beat the K800 in almost every test the K800 was out front..) I'm lost and this test leaves me with questionable motives....>

17. Me unregistered

the sharp 903sh and the imobile 902? the imobile 902 will beat the crap out of any phones reviewed.

18. kenny unregistered

"Probably in our next cameraphone comparison we will see phones that will produce better images than a pocket camera." stop dreaming you phonearena! no other phone can ever beat a digital camera, specifically the real cybershots, canons, nikons and lumix. in sensor size, lens implementation, iso setting, image processing, flash range, red-eye reduction and CCD advantage digital amera will still be a digital camera! N95's "only" advantage is it's resolution, however it's oversharpening delivers it to the worst 5mp camera phones. once sofia has arrived we'll see the real deal on phone camera. K800 on the other hand, has better macro implementation than N95. K800 can reach 5cm closeups while N95 can't. and phonearena call N95 winner! seems like they're blind:( LG images are based on a CCD sensor, with excellent image processing, balanced edge sharpening and has lesser noise. but only disappoints in color and flash range. but we can't escape the fact that a regular CCD sensor is more advantageous than CMOS perhaps it's an APS-C type though it's not lol!.

19. felipe unregistered

This "test" is paid from Nokia, the k800 performance is much better! i have one, and the macro is perfect, better than my sony s600 cyber-shot compact camera. See by your own eyes, the k800 is better than n95. this is a quality overall or a megapixel count???

20. ray unregistered

Colours on the K800i is always similar to that of a pure dedicated digital camera designed by one of the leading brands in the world (Canon), but yet it fails. This is stupid. They should not get a mobile phone reviewer to review cameras -.-

21. Ajith Kumar unregistered

From the comparison of photos, one can easily see that the K800i lags behind N95 only in resolution and, in some cases, with colour saturation (which is a bit too much in N95). And yes, the macro mode is another thing. But look at the blurry GIF-like areas in almost all the N95 photos! Who would prefer that for a cool K800i?

22. noname unregistered

Just look at the pictures..... no way for N95 to win.

23. m003z unregistered

This is one of the most biased reviews i've ever read! I mean wtf i am a nokia fan myself and hate SE phones but you can't argue the fact that the k800/810's camera has better overal quality than the n95's. Just by looking at the pictures, the k800 displays colors more realisticly, unlike the n95(since when were skies purple?). So what the n95 has more resolution but half of them look so blurry and jagged that it wastes the resolution. Oh btw ever try turning ON the macro mode on the k800 before making macros?

24. xtorm unregistered

very very nice review, alot of ppl is pretty obses with k800 rite? thx for the super effort and time spend in doing all the comparison!!!

25. rick unregistered

I read that review and I know the k800i has a best camera than the n95 , a lot of people can make a lot of noise about that but , that macro mode test that was the most fake review I ever seen. just to show that a pickup my k800 and take my key picture u can see here does this pictures is like the pictures of the review , and the quality , the macro mode of k800 can fight easily 1x1 to the macro of n95 -.-

26. bloody unregistered

How much did NOKIA pays you to write review like this? In almost every aspect k800 had a better pitcture quality, sharpnes and colors! And I'd like to ask you a question, witch mani user, that has posted comment, asked you already: "Did you even and turn ON macro mod on K800 when you was takeing a macro pitctures with it?" Only this I have to say to you: "THIS REVIEW IS BIG SHAME FOR YOU PHONEARENA. YOU MUST BE OR BLIND OR CORRUPTED! SHAME ON YOU FOR REVIEW LIKE THIS ONE!

27. Mihai unregistered

I have N95 and N95 8Gb, i cant get pictures like yours...they have 5mp for nothing. In artifical light its worst. And even so, if you look at the pictures, you can see that N95 was no better quality than the others...My wife was a Samsung SGH U600...a cheap phone, but i cannot compare my pictures with hers...the samsung`s are more realistic...and sharper.

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