YouTube announces quiz posts are coming to iOS and Android devices

YouTube announces quiz posts are coming to iOS and Android devices
After spending several months in beta, the option to create quiz posts in the Community tab is finally rolling out to everyone on Android, iOS and the web. YouTube confirmed earlier today that quiz posts are launching to all devices where Community posts are supported.

This means that creators with access to the Community tab will now be able to create quizzes and viewers on Android and iOS devices can engage with them. Here is how you can add a quiz to your post:

  • Enter a question in the text field.
  • Enter answers in the “Answer” fields. Answers can be up to 80 characters each.
  • If you need more answer fields, tap Add answer. You can have up to 4 answers.
  • Select the correct answer. You can add an optional explanation for why this is the correct answer in the text field. Explanations can be 350 characters max.

It’s important to mention that you can only have one correct answer on these quizzes, which makes perfect sense if you want to use these as educational tools.

The announcement comes days after YouTube confirmed that it has started testing AI-generated quizzes on mobile. A small number of YouTube users are now part of an experiment that shows AI-generated quizzes on their Home feed. Of course, there’s no telling when these AI-generated quizzes will be made available for everyone nor if YouTube plans to really go ahead with this controversial feature.

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