YouTube Music starts testing prompt-based AI-generated radio stations

YouTube Music testing prompt-based AI-generated radio stations
Generative AI has been making its way into every tech we use, and there are countless more ways for it to make our lives easier and more fun. One such way that YouTube Music is now exploring is letting it create a custom radio for you based on a prompt.

When the feature is on your device/app/account, you can tap on "Ask for music any way you like", which will appear in your Home feed. There's also the existing "Start radio" button.

When you tap on it, you'll be greeted with a chat-based UI that has a field at the bottom for you to "Ask for music". It launches as a fullscreen UI with an "Experiment" badge in the top right.

You can also enter a prompt via voice, and you also get suggested prompts. Yep, it works pretty straightforward as any other generative AI chat would.

When you pick a prompt, YouTube Music will generate a radio station, and your prompt is used as the name. You also get a description of the station.

However, this seems to be a very limited experiment so far, and not many users have access to it at the moment. It's unfortunate that not a lot of us get to play with this feature, as it will be great for describing the vibe of music you want and then just moving on with your life while enjoying some nice music. Hopefully, the feature will get approved for official launch and we'll have it sooner rather than later.

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