WhatsApp is working on a simpler way to request a banned account review

WhatsApp is working on a simpler way to request a banned account review
WhatsApp has been suffering from some intensive spam, and for that reason, it has been taking banning accounts seriously. With this, though, some users might have actually gotten their account banned without spreading spam. Now, WABetaInfo reports that a new feature, currently under development, will make un-banning your account easier.

WhatsApp will let you request a review of your banned account in-app

The feature is currently seen as a hidden one in the beta version of WhatsApp and is yet to become publicly available. It will allow a user with a banned account to request a review of the situation from WhatsApp's team.

Once you have submitted a request, you will receive an in-app notification once it has been reviewed and whether your account has been restored. Reviews typically would take up to 24 hours, while, in the meantime, chats will not be deleted.

As you may probably know, to battle spam and illegal activities, WhatsApp has automated systems for banning suspicious accounts. However, these systems aren't always accurate and your account might get banned without any wrong activity whatsoever. Although this is a very rare occasion, it still can happen. If that's the case, the reviewing of the ban will restore your account.

Of course, if WhatsApp finds the ban was accurate, it will not remove it and you will need to register another phone number if you want to use the chat service. The feature has been spotted in the beta for iOS, but it will most likely be developed for Android as well.

At the moment, it is unclear when this feature will make its way to the general public.

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