FYI: Waze helps drivers find the cheapest fuel with Gas Station feature

FYI: Waze helps drivers find the cheapest fuel with Gas Station feature
Despite fuel prices going up since the beginning of the year, traffic continues to increase in many US cities. Luckily, Waze is here to help you not just avoid as much traffic as possible, but also find the cheapest fuel with the Gas Station feature introduced earlier this year.

Considering OPEC recently announced a new cap for global oil supply coming into effect soon, Gas Station will probably help many drivers be better prepared for fluctuating gas prices across the US. If you haven’t used Gas Station, you can do that directly from Waze, by simply searching the most affordable gas stations and find the best prices for fuel in your area.

Just to put that into perspective, here is some relevant traffic data in 10 major cities across the US, which compares traffic from August - October 2022 to the same period one year ago:

  • Nashville traffic increased by 20.8%
  • Charlotte traffic increased by 17.6%
  • Boston traffic increased by 14%
  • Washington DC traffic increased by 10.8%
  • Austin traffic increased by 10.7%
  • New York City traffic increased by 9.7%
  • Dallas traffic increased by 9.3%
  • Houston traffic increased by 9.2%
  • Atlanta traffic increased by 7.8%
  • San Diego traffic increased by 7%

To take advantage of Gas Station, first choose your preferred gas type (i.e., regular, midgrade, premium and diesel) within settings and the app will find the type of gas that meets your needs. Another important feature offered by Gas Station is the ability to find the best-priced fuel in a certain area.

The Waze Gas Station feature will also notify users of nearby gas stations, prompting drivers to update the price of gas at specific location so other users of the app can search for the cheapest prices in their area.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Waze offers real-time gas pricing information, a feature powered by community members sharing gas prices along their drive. It makes it much easier to plan your drive ahead of time, not to mention that your trip will be more affordable.

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