Google Now will now show you gas stations along your route

Just because a gas station is the closest one to you before you jump in the car and head to work, doesn't mean that this said station is on your route as you drive to the office. And this is where a new card from Google Now comes in. Computing your route based on speed and direction, Google Now will show you a card that lists service stations along the computed route.

One Android user mentioned that the card just popped up while he was driving on Friday, although he was not using the navigation feature. What is interesting is that Google's own Waze crowdsourced mapping application not only shows gas stations along a route, it also includes gas prices contributed by users of the app. There probably is no reason why this can't be offered by Google Now in the near future, and would certainly increase the usefulness of the card.

Don't be surprised if a Google Now card pops up with information about gas stations along your route as your motor along down the road. Of course, we would hope that it would be a passenger in the car pointing this card out to you since you shouldn't be looking at your smartphone's screen while you are behind the wheel.

source: +McLaughlin via AndroidPolice


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