Vodafone UK launches "unbeatable trade-in" program, makes it super-easy to replace your phone

Vodafone UK launches "Unbeatable Trade-in" programme, makes it super-easy to replace your phone
Trading in your old phone when buying a new one is always a convenient, hassle-free way of saving some cash. You probably can get more for it on the used market, but that involves a lot of waiting, taking calls from flaky buyers, and generally dealing with the whole shipping and payments process. A carrier or a store will be more than happy to take that old phone and either refurbish and resell it to a new customer or straight up recycle it, if it's too old or beyond saving.

Vodafone UK has just made the trade-in process even more enticing with its new "Unbeatable Trade-in" offer. First of all, it's now extra-easy, thanks to an enhanced Trade-in Tool within the My Vodafone app. You just open it, have it evaluate your phone, and you get a price quote. Secondly, Vodafone will be performing daily price checks to make sure that it always has the best offers on trade-in values.

Once you evaluate your phone, the price offer gets locked in and you have two weeks to send it in via post or by walking into any Vodafone store. Customers can receive the value of their old device in one of three ways — via bank transfer, price reduction towards buying a new phone, or bill credit for their new Airtime plan.

The Unbeatable Trade-in will run until the 23rd of September, so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to make use of it or not. It will probably be a good idea to keep an eye on Vodafone phone deals, too. If your mind is not set on a specific carrier yet, we also have lists of the best O2 deals, as well as separate Virgin Media deals, and EE phone deals.

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