Update to Google Camera app gives Pixel 7 Pro users new settings for Macro Focus

Update to Google Camera app gives Pixel 7 Pro users new settings for Macro Focus
One new feature found on the Pixel 7 Pro is Macro Focus. Move your camera close enough to the subject of a photo that you're going to take, and the ultra-wide camera turns on Macro Focus. With the latter enabled, you can take extreme close-ups of flowers, insects, grains of rice, and more. But how can you prevent your Pixel 7 Pro's ultra-wide camera from automatically enabling Macro Focus when that is the last thing in the world you want?

A good question deserves a good answer. 9to5Google says that an update to the Google Camera app, version 8.7.250, has started rolling out. The update adds controls for Macro Focus to the settings menu when the camera app is open (tap on the pill-shaped icon in the upper left corner of the display). The ability to control Macro Focus will also be found in Quick Settings seen when you swipe down from the top center of your Pixel's display.

With the update, there are now three settings for Macro Focus. "Off" (which uses an icon of a flower with a slash through it) means that the ultra-wide camera will continue to be an ultra-wide camera no matter how closely you approach your subject. Setting Macro Focus to "Auto" turns on the Macro Focus whenever you get close to your subject.

The "Auto" setting will show a flower icon with the letter "A" on the right side. Leaving the Macro Focus toggle in the "On" position will keep the Macro Focus feature on at all times which is indicated by the flower icon. You'll also see a message on the top of the screen that says "Macro is locked." This gives the Pixel 7 Pro an always ready Macro camera (in place of the ultra-wide camera, of course).

The update also removes the feature that allowed users to double tap on the screen to zoom in by 2x. After the update you can use pinch-to-zoom or use the buttons/slider on top of the shutter to adjust the zoom to your liking. Strangely enough, while Google reportedly removed the double tap feature from all Pixel models except for the Pixel 7 line, on this writer's Pixel 6 Pro the double tap gesture still moves the camera between 1x and 2x optical zoom.

The update is rolling out now so keep your eyes peeled for it. It might take some time to hit your phone so don't take it personally if the update has yet to make it to your Pixel 7 Pro.
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