Twitter working on an ‘Unmention’ feature to prevent unwanted attention

Twitter working on an ‘Unmention’ feature to prevent unwanted attention
Twitter is now working harder to keep the hate away and limit the reach of negative comments and this time, mentions. TechRadar now reports the social media platform is working on an “Unmention” feature, which will allow users to “Unmention” themselves without having to block the user.

The ‘Unmention’ feature is still a concept feature being currently worked on

Dominic Camozzi, Twitter’s product designer, has gives us some information about the feature under development in a Tweet. The new option will be able to assure certain users will not mention you in the future, as well as will allow you to remove a mention of your account from someone else’s post. The designer calls it a way to “help control unwanted attention” on Twitter.

Once you have unmentioned yourself from someone’s Tweet and if the other user is not someone you follow, they will no longer be able to mention you in the future. Additionally, you will also be able to prevent everyone from mentioning you for 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. Basically, you can “pause” mentions of your account.

The last new feature that Camozzi talks about, related to Mentions on Twitter, is the way to stop a situation from escalating. He refers to Mass Mentions. You will be able to get a notification when you are getting a lot of mentions suddenly, and Twitter will give you the possibility to control the situation, review the Tweet or Tweets, and change settings to prevent further unwanted attention.

We know these features are currently under development; however, there is no information on when they will be available to the public at the moment. Once we know, we'll make sure to keep you posted.

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