Tinder is working on a Swipe Party feature

Tinder is working on a Swipe Party feature
The swipe craze is about to get reignited with a fresh new feature - apparently, Tinder is working on a new functionality called “Swipe Party”. This was uncovered by the Dutch dating site GratisDatingTips (reposted by LetsGoDigital), as the guys found evidence in the source code of the Tinder app.

What is a Swipe Party?

This new feature will allow Tinder users to swipe with their friends. Swipe Party will make it possible for people to invite friends to watch them swipe left and right (although it’s not clear how this functionality would be implemented).

Looking at the strings in the code, it seems that people will be able to see and hear what’s going on during your swipe sessions. “Let your friends see and hear you while vetting prospects,” reads one line of the code.

It’s a “gossipy” feature that would allow people to comment and kinda swipe together, evaluating the potential candidates. Whether this is good or bad, we will let your moral compass be the judge. For what is worth, this will add a pinch of fun and a shared experience during these pandemic times (when will this Covid thing end!).

There’s also a string that suggests users who don’t have a Tinder account could also join the Swipe Party by creating a guest account and “Joining the party.” The existence of the new feature was also confirmed by a Senior Software Engineer from Tinder, who shared some insights on his LinkedIn page.

The aforementioned code can be found in the latest version of the Tinder mobile app, which points toward a potential official release of the Swipe Party feature in the coming months.

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