Simple move quickly reveals which of your iPhone apps has an update ready

Simple move quickly reveals which of your iPhone apps has an update ready
Everybody loves a clown according to the old saying. But we know of something that many people love more than a clown and no, it's not two clowns. We are talking about app updates. Updating an app used often to add new features or to improve the UI is like finding an unexpected package outside your front door. By default, the Apple iPhone automatically updates your apps overnight.

If you'd prefer to manually update the apps on your iPhone, on iOS 14 go to Settings > App Store. Toggle off App Updates. With the latter toggled off, you will receive a notification when one of your apps has an update. Keeping the settings on Automatic toggled on might be the best solution for those who want to make sure that they have the latest version of their apps installed on their iPhone. That's because it takes the onus off of the device owner to constantly watch out for notifications informing him (or her) of an app update. See, if you were to miss out an app update, said app might not run correctly when you need it to the most.

But if you really, truly love to update your apps, there is something that you can do a few times a day regardless of whether your iPhone is toggled on or toggled off for Automatic Updates. Open the App Store and in the upper right corner, tap the circle with your initials inside it. On the bottom quarter of the screen you'll see apps that have been recently updated with a pill-shaped icon that says "open" next to the app's name. Tap on the icon and the app will indeed open. Now, if you put your finger on the upper part of the screen where your name and icon are listed, scroll down until you see a gears spinning right under the word "Update." Let your finger go from the display and the screen will retract. If there are any new updates for your apps, they will appear. Tap on the Update All link to bring those apps up-to-date.

It's a simple way to be one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to iPhone apps. Using this method, we've received anywhere between one app update and nearly 40 at one time.


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