T-Mobile's $325 suitcase is real and is designed for the traveler who likes to stay connected

T-Mobile's $325 suitcase is real and is designed for the traveler who likes to stay connected
T-Mobile today unveiled the "Un-carrier On," a magenta-colored suitcase designed to keep travelers connected. The product was created in partnership with publicly traded company Samsara Luggage and includes features such as wireless charging (making it the only carry-on suitcase to feature it). It also has a removable power bank with USB-C Power Delivery charging. This will allow users to charge faster helping them sport full batteries on the mobile devices they're traveling with regardless if it is an iPhone, an Android device, or something else.

The Un-carrier On is a great travel companion for those who need to stay connected while traveling

With Tag Smart Technology, users will be able to keep track of their personal items during a flight "from takeoff to landing." The suitcase is designed with a flat top to create a workstation for owners of the suitcase, giving them a place to put a laptop to do some work before they board their flights. Or you can pass the time at your gate by streaming a movie or an episode of your favorite television series as you wait for the boarding of your flight to be announced.

The suitcase also includes an eight-bag packing set to, as T-Mobile puts it, "ensure your underwear and toothbrush never touch again."

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Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage says, "This collaboration is a natural fit, aligning two companies with a strong drive to use technology to reimagine the travel experience. The Un-carrier On is a game changer for travelers and shows how combining durable design with functional tech can pave the way forward for the world of travel and technology. As a travel lifestyle brand, we believe in the power of connection and connectivity and know that the Un-carrier On will meet the needs of travelers as they enter the busy travel season and beyond."

The Un-carrier On is available from the TravelMagenta.com website and is priced at $325 plus tax. Shipping is free and pre-orders are being accepted starting today. The suitcase will ship later this month and the Un-carrier On will be available until all supplies are gone.

At first, we weren't sure that this was a real product. You might remember when T-Mobile introduced Phone BoothE which was supposed to be a soundproof "vertical, rectangular cube" available for T-Mobile subscribers on the streets of NYC, Washington DC, and Seattle. Inside the Phone BoothE, users could charge the batteries on their devices, and a screen was available for video calls and web browsing. The display could also be used as a background for selfies.

Is the Un-carrier On real or is it a joke like the Phone BoothE?

But as it turned out, the whole thing was an April Fool's joke with a subtle jab at AT&T's 5G Evolution service which was really enhanced 4G. This writer couldn't tell whether the Phone BoothE was real until T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a video that you know the Phone BoothE is real because it has an "E" at the end. This was a shot at the controversial 5GE status bar icon that AT&T subscribers would see on their phones when connected to the carrier's faux 5G signals. And it revealed the Phone BoothE for what it was; a joke.

But the Un-carrier On suitcase is a real product that T-Mobile is really selling. And with the holiday travel season soon to be upon us, the suitcase is a great tool for the busy person who is always connected online. And yes, it also makes a great holiday gift for the guy or gal you know who is always on the road whether for business, pleasure or both.

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Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO, said this about the Un-carrier On, "I know there’s a lot to unpack here. Why is T-Mobile, a wireless provider, launching a suitcase? Well, we’re the Un-carrier—and travel is kind of our bag. So we made one. A bag. An actual bag. T-Mobile customers are already covered with the best travel benefits, keeping them connected in America's skyways and around the world with Coverage Beyond. But in true Un-carrier fashion, we didn’t stop there. We made a smart suitcase to keep your belongings covered, too. Literally."

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