T-Mobile's early April Fool's Day joke takes a subtle shot at AT&T

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If you're walking down the street while on a call and the ambient noise is making it hard to hear the other end of the conversation, T-Mobile has a solution. Starting today in NYC, Washington DC and Seattle, you might come across T-Mobile's Phone BoothE. This is a sound proof "vertical, rectangular cube" that T-Mobile customers can step into and continue your call without having to deal with the sounds of the city such as car horns, police sirens, construction and more.

In addition, the T-Mobile Phone BoothE is capable of charging your T-Mobile phone, and even comes with cables just in case you're not packing any. The booth also is equipped with a vertical display that syncs with your T-Mobile phone allowing you to make video calls or surf the web using a larger display. And the screen can also be used as a background for a selfie.

T-Mobile is limiting the use of its Phone BoothE to its customers using what it calls next-generation BoothE access technology. T-Mobile says that soon there will be a Phone BoothE app in the Google Play Store and App Store that will allow T-Mobile customers to make reservations to use a particular unit at a particular time. Eventually, T-Mobile will expand the areas where the soundproof cube will be found.

Now we do have to point out that this is an early April Fool's Day joke from T-Mobile. The official video shows T-Mobile CEO John Legere saying that you know the Phone BoothE is real because T-Mobile tacked an "E" onto the end of the name, a subtle shot at AT&T's decision to place a 5G E icon in the status bar of phones using its 5G Evolution service. The latter is AT&T's enhanced 4G LTE service that it gave a controversial and misleading name.
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