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T-Mobile's new Enterprise Unlimited 5G plan priced from $37 as part of a complete solution for the post-office era

T-Mobile's new Enterprise Unlimited 5G plan priced from $37 as part of a post-office era solution
T-Mobile knows that the future of work is drifting towards a greater need for connectivity from a distance, and is prepared to do something about it in order to pry a little enterprise market share slice from the cold hands of Verizon and AT&T which have a chokehold on shared employee data plans.

Called WFX, T-Mobile's enterprise market strategy promises a lot, like true unlimited 5G connectivity for the price that Verizon or AT&T charge to supply limited pooled data plans that have to constantly be monitored by the companies' 'data police.'  The WFX strategy is not just unlimited 5G, however, and actually presents a three-pronged approach for a complete enterprise connectivity solution for the future of remote work.

Enterprise Unlimited 5G plan by T-Mobile

  • Unlimited data at the same or better price compared to Verizon’s and AT&T’s limited, shared, pooled plans
  • 5G access on the nation’s biggest, fastest 5G network
  • The certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never pay overages
  • Grateful employees who no longer have to worry that they’ll hit their data limit before they finish their work
  • A true work-from-anywhere workforce because T-Mobile for Business plans all come with smartphone mobile hotspot data
  • The ability to seize first-mover advantage on next-gen 5G innovations vs competitors trapped on last-gen plans and technology

T-Mobile Collaborate voice and video conferencing

  • An enterprise-grade phone system with cloud flexibility that can replace your entire legacy business phone system including that old, expensive PBX
  • Video and voice conferencing that make it easy to host effective meeting from anywhere in HD, without PINs
  • Built-in AI including an AI assistant to take notes and follow up on action items so everyone is more productive
  • Built-in integration with leading workplace apps including Microsoft 365
  • Fast, simple virtual installation from anywhere in minutes, saving time and money

T-Mobile Home Office Internet

  • 4G/5G broadband to keep remote workers connected at home
  • A dedicated router that prioritizes access to employee devices and filters non-business content, so WFH employees can stay productive while the rest of the household can stream, study, game and more on personal Wi-Fi without disrupting work
  • Enterprise-grade protection that is significantly more secure than personal Wi-Fi networks
  • Access to a nationwide network so businesses can cut loose the hodgepodge of regional ISPs and their inconsistent services
  • Simple, easy, cost-effective deployment with a T-Mobile router shipped directly to employees that they can install in minutes
  • T-Mobile’s award-winning around-the-clock support from the company ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for businesses of all sizes for four years straight

T-Mobile WFX Enterprise Unlimited 5G with Collaborate and Home Office Internet plan prices

  • T-Mobile Home Office Internet lines start at $90/month.
  • Enterprise Unlimited with T-Mobile Collaborate lines start at $37/month per user.

As you can see, T-Mobile has left no stone unturned when it comes to all the requirements and peculiarities of remote work, from the need for a robust and secure connection at home, through the inevitable rise of video chat, to the unlimited next-gen connectivity on the go. 

Well, about that last one there is a disclaimer at the end that enterprise users who go above a 50GB  threshold may be throttled while T-Mobile's retail unlimited 5G Magenta plan is already at 100GB data cap but then again the enterprise plans come down much cheaper per user than the retail business. 

Exactly how much cheaper would it be for your enterprise to choose T-Mobile's new WFX future of remote work proposition? You'd have to call the Un-carrier for a tailor-made offer but the plans start from the very reasonable $37 a line for the Enterprise Unlimited 5G part, and $90 for the ultrafast and secure Home Office Internet, where available, for one complete solution that includes the Collaborate platform powered by the mobile-first folks of Dialpad fame. Not too shabby, so ring T-Mobile up if its coverage in your area is strong enough to warrant a switch.

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