Google CEO Sundar Pichai addresses internet freedom, taxes, and privacy

Google CEO Sundar Pichai addresses internet freedom, taxes, and privacy
Google CEO Sundar Pichai has discussed important matters in the tech world, addressing internet freedom, taxes paid by Google, and the next big things in technology that we might expect, specifically, focusing on AI and quantum computing, in an interview with the BBC.

Sundar Pichai warned that the free and open internet is under attack

Google's CEO has claimed that many countries are restricting the flow of information and that the free internet is under attack, reports BBC. This answer was given in regards to China's way of an authoritative government over the internet.

He also talked about privacy, in light of recent scrutiny and anti-trust research we have previously reported on, both for Google and for other tech giants such as Facebook. Pichai stated that privacy is a foundation to everything Google does and that privacy is a fundamental human right.

He stated that the data Google uses is only the one necessary for providing a service, while at the same time, the company gives users the choice to automatically delete data (for example, after 18 months or shorter).

In terms of what to expect from the evolution of tech, Google's CEO focused on AI and quantum computing. For him, AI is a profound technology, even more profound than the discovery of fire and electricity, or the internet.

As for quantum computing, Pichai stated that although it is not fitted or going to work for everything, it is bound to open up an entirely new range of solutions for future development.

Another topic he addressed was paying taxes to governments, in the US and in the world. He stated Google is among the world's biggest tax-payers, and that it complies with tax laws in every country in which it operates. Currently, the company is engaging with policy-makers in order to make tax simpler and more effective.

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