Study suggests Galaxy Watches can help fight obesity through highly accurate biometric readings

Study suggests Galaxy Watches can help fight obesity through highly accurate biometric readings
A recent study published by the American Journal of Clinal Nutrition shows that Samsung Galaxy Watch and its readings are so accurate that they can be compared to lab results, and as such can help users lose weight.

Obesity is no joke and a helping hand to combat the harmful effects of the condition can be a game-changer. If you’ve tackled the difficulties of having to lose weight, you know how hard it can be to keep track of this such as fat mass and calorie intake.

The Galaxy Watch offers a solution to help you combat and prevent obesity: keeping track of your biometric readings. Said data has been taken from the Galaxy Watch 4 (although the Watch 5 is also able to record it) and then compared to laboratory-grade results from the Louisiana State University, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, and was found to be highly accurate.

How accurate are the Galaxy Watch biometric readings?

The study shows a 97-98% accuracy regarding five body composition indicators, namely:

  • How much of your body’s mass is fat free
  • How much of it is carrying fat
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Current base metabolic rate
  • Amount of water in the body

Knowing that you can reliably track these metrics from the comfort of your home is irreplaceable, especially when compared to the alternative of regularly visiting the doctor’s office for tests.

How can the Galaxy Watch help you be more healthy?

One way to go about it would be to start following its readings regularly, so you can spot unwanted behavior patterns, which you can then work on. The notes you’ve taken can also help you pick the ideal workout, which target the issue you are facing.

The study offers some helpful best practices for taking more accurate measurements:

  • Take measurements regularly, at the same time of day
  • Do so on an empty stomach
  • And after going to the bathroom
  • If you are a woman, don’t take measurements during the special time of the month
  • Measure before doing things that make your body temperature go up, such as exercise or hot showers
  • Removing metal objects that have contact with your body improves measurement accuracy

In conclusion, this is a great step forward. Having laboratory-grade test results compared to readings from a Galaxy Watch is just the type of data that makes us remember how technology is making our lives easier.

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With such power available right now, it’s amazing to think about where the next generations of this technology can take us. The hype has always been real for us techies, but knowing that this can change someone’s life for the better is a feeling that can't be replaced.

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