Apple admits that the AirPods Pro is having serious issues with audio

Apple admits that the AirPods Pro is having serious issues with audio
Apple posted a support page on its website on Friday related to a problem that some AirPods Pro users have been experiencing. The page, titled "AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues," starts out by saying that a small number of AirPods Pro units manufactured before this month are having sound issues. These issues include crackling and static-like sounds that increase in volume in loud environments.

Users also complained that Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the feature that eliminates ambient and background noise from the AirPods Pro, isn't working as expected. Sometimes background noises like traffic from a busy street, or airplane noises from the sky are breaking through the silence expected from the ANC feature. Other users have noticed a loss of bass sounds. Apple will do the right thing and it, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, will fix the problem for free. That's regardless of whether one or both earbuds need to be replaced.

You can make an appointment at an Apple Store, contact Apple Support, or find an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Before any of these places decide to replace the faulty parts of your AirPods Pro, they will be examined to make sure that they qualify for the program. AirPods Pro parts that have a confirmed issue will be exchanged. And Apple says that the AirPods Pro case is not included in any of this and will not be replaced even if the ear buds themselves are.

The sequel to the AirPods Pro is expected to be released next year and there is speculation that the new model will feature a new rounded design sans the stem.

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