Why is Samsung's new flip line called the Galaxy Z? Leaked promo holds a hint...

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The Galaxy Z Flip may take a wrecking ball to Motorola's strategy with the Razr (2019) as it is supposed to offer a similar package at a much lower price tag. Don't expect 5G or the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, but the Z Flip should still be as good as many a last year flagship, save for the camera part on the back which would "only" feature a dual shooter.

The biggest advantage of the Galaxy Z Flip is, needless to say, the ability to turn the 6.7-incher (or seven something, depending on whose info one chooses to believe) into a 3-incher by satisfyingly closing the upper part over the lower part. Or vice versa, whatever rocks your boat. 

Well, the phone is real, it seems, and it is coming, and don't just take our word for it, as a Weibo leak straight out of Samsung's testing grounds reveals someone working on or displaying the Galaxy Z Flip name and promo image that you see below.

Splashed over Samsung's DeX desktop interface, the promo shot kind of sort of shows why Samsung will allegedly denote its new foldable phone series with "Z." It is either prepping a bi-fold whose top and bottom parts hinge on the middle one, or it has simply put two Z Flips in the picture with bottom side by upper side overlap. 

The "Flip" part of the naming scheme that has been bandied about profusely in the last week or so, however, is nowhere to be seen here, although we've seen it leaked on the same yellow background that revealed the Galaxy S20 Ultra title.

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