Samsung may ditch vapor-chamber cooling for the Galaxy S22 series, according to rumors

Samsung is rumored to have ditched vapor-chamber cooling for the Galaxy S22 series
Earlier, we have been hearing reports and rumors that Samsung is planning to use vapor-chamber cooling on the S22 series. Now, Android Authority reports this might not be the case.

Samsung may not use vapor chamber cooling on the Galaxy S22 to cut costs

Although heat dissipation is important for the overall performance and experience with the phone, so is the cost, and Samsung seems to be planning to ditch the vapor cooling solution for thermal graphite pads for cooling. This rumor comes from tipster FrontTron on Twitter.

This information is unconfirmed, but according to the tipster, Samsung has decided not to go for vapor-chamber cooling in order to save budget. Previously, the company has used the cooling technology for its flagship Galaxy S10 series. However, the South Korea-based tech giant has subsequently decided to go for multi-layered graphite thermal pads as a primary way to dissipate the heat created by the mobile processor.

The Galaxy Note 20 series was using two kinds of cooling solutions: some models came with graphite thermal pads, while others included copper vapor chambers for cooling. This lead some users to believe that the fact vapor chamber cooling was missing on some Note 20 Ultra phones was the reason for the phones to get hotter.

However, iFixit has concluded in an investigation that there is very little difference in the way the two cooling solutions dissipate heat.

Additionally, in the publication by iFixit, a thermal engineer stated that Samsung was able to use heat pipes and vapor chambers for a long time because it was selling a good volume of devices so the cost didn't really matter. When the company first introduced a vapor chamber in its phones, it estimated it sold up to a million additional phones just because of the novelty to have a vapor chamber cooling system.

However, this tech doesn't create as much hype as before, and this could be linked to the fact it may not be used in the Galaxy S22, as rightfully states Android Authority.

What to expect from the Galaxy S22?

The Galaxy S22 series is expected to come early next year, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra being the hard hitter with its top-notch specs and performance. So far, we have heard that there might be a redesign coming to the three models of the flagship series.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to rock the same almighty 108MP main camera, accompanied by the 12MP ultrawide camera from the S21 Ultra. A welcome addition will be the reported new zoom camera sensors the S22 Ultra will be rocking.

Currently, the Galaxy S21 Ultra sports 10MP sensors for both the 3x telephoto camera and the 10x periscope zoom one, but according to a recent report, the S22 Ultra might go with 12MP sensors for all.

The middle-child, the Galaxy s22+, will reportedly be sporting a 50MP main sensor, more specifically, Samsung's GN2 sensor. Another important new aspect in the Galaxy S22+ and S22 camera department is that this time around they will reportedly come with a proper 3x telephoto camera with a 12MP sensor, perhaps the same kit that does closer range zooming on the S22 Ultra.

Other specs we expect to see from the upcoming Galaxy S22 series also hint at a possible redesign. It seems the three models displays will be slightly shrinking from their predecessors.

The vanilla Galaxy S22 is expected to come with a 6.06" 120Hz FHD+ display, the S22+ a slightly bigger one at 6.55", again complemented by the 120Hz refresh rate. The beast Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to rock a 6.8" QHD+ 120Hz display and as usual, a big 5,000mAh battery to keep the lights on.
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