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Samsung unveils the perfect 5G phone display

Samsung unveils the perfect 5G phone display
We bet that you never thought about a phone display that has been made from the ground up with... 5G connectivity in mind. Yet Samsung has one, and sent as a memo detailing what's so special about a screen that is tailor-made for 5G flagships.

The Samsung Display press release doesn't name the Galaxy S20 series specifically, so it's not obvious if the phone maker has utilized the newly-certified "5G" panels in them, or it has its future phones in mind. We requested a clarification on the S20 display matter, and will update accordingly.

The best '5G' OLED phone display is gentler on blue... and on battery

What the heck is a 5G OLED display anyway, you ask? Well, Samsung seems to think that it is one with vastly improved characteristics all-around, ready for the streaming media onslaught that will be dropped onto its unsuspecting pixels soon.

First off, the new technology has blue light kept to a record 6.5% minimum which brings about less eye strain during those marathon Netflix sessions you would do on the big pretty screens. 

Second, the power consumption has been whittled down to the respectable 1.3W during mixed usage which, given the power-hungry 5G connectivity, should give a bit of breathing room for the battery endurance.

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