Samsung beats its own record with faster DRAM, presumably destined for Galaxy S23

Samsung beats its own record with faster DRAM, presumably destined for Galaxy S23
Samsung shared its latest achievement in advanced memory technology: an LPDDR5X Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) chip with a speed of 8.5 gigabits per second (Gbps). This fact is made even more noteworthy with Samsung confirming that the speed is retained on Snapdragon mobile platforms.

Samsung’s new mobile DRAM chip is fastest in the industry with a speed of 8.5 Gbps

Via masterful technical wizardry, Samsung has managed to further improve the speed at which components communicate – namely, the application processor and the memory – which is precisely what allowed for the leap in speed.

While the increase might seem insignificant, the jump of 1.0 Gbps is a remarkable feat for the mobile market. This will enable the manufacturing of faster, more capable devices, with improved 5G capabilities and more opportunities for AI assisted work.

The latest and fastest Samsung chip confirmed to be working on Snapdragon mobile platforms

As the latest chip’s speed has been achieved on a Snapdragon chipset, it’s safe to assume that we will see more of this partnership with the expected Galaxy S23 series, which is set to launch early next year.

This year’s Galaxy S22, which you can read more about in our Galaxy S22 review, impressed with its performance. With what has been shown of the latest LPDDRX5 mobile chip, we can possibly expect a positive impact on battery life and improved multitasking capabilities on the S23.

One thing is clear: the impact on actual performance will certainly depend on the overall components of a specific device. The outlook thus far is great for the upcoming Galaxy S23 series, but we will have to wait for the full spec sheet in order to make any safe bets.

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