The Android 10 update gets a retro Galaxy and Note release

The Android 10 update gets a retro Galaxy SII and Note 3 release
You think that Samsung surprised us by releasing the Android 10 update for the unlocked model of the Galaxy Note 9 in the US? Well, while we are waiting for the company to make the same oldie but goldie move for the Galaxy S9 models, the retro update trend continues with... the Galaxy S II and Note 3.

That's right, the enterprising folks over at XDA-Devs have manged to shoehorn Android 10 on these Samsung flagships from way back when Android phones were still flagships when they could hit the 480p display and dual-core processor mark.

That happened with the Android 10-based LineageOS 17.1, albeit still as an experimental phase, akin to what developers were doing with the immortal HTC HD2 for years on end. The Note 3's Android 10 edition even has its Radio Interface Layer updated, so you can use it as a phone, too.

While the S II enjoys no such luck on its Android 10 build, sitting pretty mainly as a proof of concept, you can finally brag about your 8-year-old phone getting the latest when your iPhone-laden friends boast with their five years of continuous iOS updates. Bazinga! 

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