Apple could soon add another OLED display supplier, looks to ditch Samsung

Apple could soon add another OLED display supplier, looks to ditch Samsung
It’s no secret that Apple is sourcing the parts for its iPhones from hundreds of manufacturers all over the globe. And one of the most important components, the OLED displays for its Pro iPhones are coming from none other than Samsung, with a small number made by LG as well.

For obvious reasons, Apple is looking to reduce its dependence on Samsung. And that means giving billions worth of orders to someone else. That’s where the Chinese company BOE comes into play.

BOE has been making LCD displays for Apple for a while but OLED screens are a whole other ball game. As they’ve been going only in Apple’s premium models so far, Cupertino only settles for the highest quality. But producing OLED displays with sufficient quality and numbers has proven to be hard for everyone but Samsung.

BOE plans to change that, however. Sources close to ETNews are reporting that the company has decided to make a significant investment into OLED display production lines. The goal is to have sufficient capacity to start making screens for iPhones as soon as this year.

The 10 new module lines will be added to BOE’s factory in Sichuan (yes, like the sauce). The manufacturer hasn’t inked a deal for OLED displays yet but the insiders say that “...Apple recently asked BOE to make necessary preparations regarding supply of OLEDs.”

Apple will want to make sure the finished displays comply with its strict standards before giving BOE the green light to kick things into high gear.

A contract between Apple and BOE won’t necessarily mean fewer orders for Samsung. Rumors point that this year Apple will introduce four phones with OLED displays, two Pro models and two cheaper ones. It would make sense for Apple to give the orders for the cheaper models to BOE, if the new lines are ready in time for the production of the 2020 models. If BOE proves itself as a worthy manufacturer, it could start edging out Samsung.

With the combined efforts of LG and BOE, Apple might soon be able to break free from Samsung.


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