One of the exclusive Pixel weather widgets can't take the heat

One of the exclusive Pixel weather widgets can't take the heat
If you live in certain areas of the United States, you know that it has been hot outside. How hot? Temperatures have routinely been in triple-digit territory in the Southwest but as noted by 9to5Google, the Pixel weather widget doesn't seem to have been designed to report such temperatures. These widgets, exclusive to Google's Pixel phones, are filled with information and will adjust to the color of the wallpaper you use.

One of the widgets is an oval placed on the screen with a slant down on the left side. The widget tells you the temperature and the current conditions outside (sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.) This story is about the other widget which is chock full of information and can stretch starting as a small rectangle with the current temperature, the day's high and low, and current conditions.

When this widget is fully stretched opened, you see the city that you're in, a brief mention of the conditions (for example, "partly sunny"), the current temperature and the high and low, an icon showing the current conditions, and a look at the temperature and conditions expected over the next four hours. In other words, you get a lot of data. But it is this widget that has a flaw.

When the estimated temperature for any part of the next four hours is forecast to hit 100 degrees or more, the widget is affected. The part of the widget that shows the forecast temperatures over the upcoming four hours is thrown into disarray. The degree icon is pushed down to the next line which displaces the sun/moon icon eliminating the time of day for the forecast. Changing the size of the widget doesn't fix the situation.

The information used by the widget comes from and outside of this design flaw, the widget is useful and does provide Pixel users with some helpful weather-related data. To find the weather widgets on your Pixel, long-press on an empty portion of your home screen and then tap on Widgets. Scroll down to Weather and drag the second of the two widgets to the space on the home page where you want the app to reside.

Hopefully, Google will send out an update to fix this issue since it seems that triple-digit temperatures are getting to be more common.
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