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Some Google Pixel 2 users haven't been able to use the rear camera on their phones

Some Google Pixel 2 users haven't been able to use the rear camera on their phones
Google is known for the computational photography it offers on its Pixel handsets. Thanks to the software it developed, Pixel users from the OG line through the Pixel 3a series can snap fabulous pictures even with just one camera on the back. (The Pixel 4 series, which has a  features a dual-camera setup). The Pixels are considered among the best, if not the best smartphone for still photography. But it appears that some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners are having problems with their rear camera.

Recently, some Pixel 2 users took to Reddit and Google's Pixel Phone help forum to complain that the camera app on their phone was not opening. Some of the complaints date back to September's Android 10 update although others are related to the December security update. One Pixel 2 owner wrote that after installing the last security update for 2019 on his handset, opening the camera app results in it crashing every time. While the front-facing selfie camera still works, any app using the rear camera doesn't.

A number of possible workarounds failed; putting the phone into Safe Mode didn't help and neither did the dreaded factory reset. One Pixel 2 owner believes that the issue is related to an Auto Focus sensor, but even if this is the case, it isn't anything that a Pixel owner can fix on his own. And many are complaining about a lack of effort on Google's part to correct the problem. Some have managed to score a refurbished replacement unit but with the Pixel 2 series two generations old and most warranties expired, the majority of affected Pixel 2 owners could be out of luck. One Pixel 2 owner said that Google asked him for $180 to repair the device.

Our Pixel 2 XL has not been affected. Meanwhile, if the camera on your 2017 Pixel model isn't working, you can try to contact Google by going to Settings > Tips & support. Choose Phone to receive a call back from Google or Chat to message someone at the company.

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