A massive 1.5GB update brings a ton of updates for the phone that supports 5.5G

A massive 1.5GB update brings a ton of updates for the phone that supports 5.5G
If you pack one of the best photo-centric flagships today – the Oppo Find X7 Ultra (that also supports the advanced 5.5G connectivity standard) – you can expect it to get much better. That's thanks to the latest ColorOS update.

It's dubbed PHY110_14.0.1.540(CN01) and users in Europe and across the world report they're already getting it. It's pretty hefty at 1.51GB, but it brings a lot.

For example, the said update introduces significant enhancements to animations and touch controls for a smoother user experience. It includes new smooth animations for wallpaper zoom, seamless icon transitions, and bounce effects in the notification drawer, optimizing visual effects across various interface elements like Home screen icons, widgets, and global search.

Additionally, the update improves touch control responsiveness with transition animations for app swiping and navigation gestures, enhancing overall interaction speed and stability. Notable improvements include easier folder navigation, quicker app access from large folders, and smoother touch operations throughout the Home screen and app usage scenarios.

System enhancements also include expanded app cloning support, volume adjustment in Quick Settings, and customizable floating window sizes, offering users more flexibility and control over their device's functionality.

Communication and camera improvements further enhance user experiences with international roaming services, camera focusing performance, and zoom functionality in video mode.

The last one will make camera buffs happy!

Here's the full log:

New smooth animations

  • Adds wallpaper zoom and seamless icon transitions during app launch and exit for a smoother visual experience.
  • Adds a bounce animation effect when sliding to the bottom of the notification drawer and optimizes the layer effects of Quick Setting icons and widgets, bringing a more natural and delicate visual effect.
  • Optimizes the transition animations for Home screen icons and widgets and adds wallpaper zoom animations upon device unlock.
  • Adds wallpaper zoom animations and gradual brightness transitions when the screen is turned on or off.
  • Optimizes the background colors and Gaussian blur effects in Quick Settings, Notification drawer, Home screen drawer, and Global Search.
  • Optimizes the transition animation when the Lock screen clock and buttons disappear upon device unlock.
  • Optimizes animations when entering and exiting Global Search, ensuring a smoother and more consistent visual experience.

New touch control experience

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  • Adds a transition animation when swiping in from one side of the screen to exit an app before it starts up.
  • Adds a transition animation when swiping in from one side of the screen to go back to the previous page before a new page is opened.
  • Adds a transition animation when swiping inward from a side of the screen or swiping up to exit an app in landscape mode.
  • You can now tap the lower right corner of a large folder to view more apps.
  • You can now pull down app icons in large folders and then open an app in just one move.
  • Improves touch control responsiveness. Tapping and swiping on the Home screen and Recent tasks screen is now faster and more stable.
  • Increases touch responsiveness for app usage scenarios, for example, when opening and closing apps, entering and exiting recent tasks, or swiping on the gesture guide bar to switch between apps.
  • Optimizes animations when using large folders. Dragging apps on the Home screen is now smoother.


  • App Cloner now supports over 200 apps.
  • You can now adjust the volume in Quick Settings.
  • You can now choose not to show the track when drawing the Lock screen pattern to unlock your device.
  • You can now adjust the size of a floating window by dragging its bottom and swipe up to close a mini window.


  • Improves the experience of using ORoaming's international roaming services.


  • Improves camera focusing performance.
  • Improves camera stability for a better photography experience.
  • Switching between different zoom options using the zoom wheel is now smoother in Video mode.

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