Best Buy ups the Nokia 7.1 savings ante to a full $100 with AT&T activation

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
Best Buy ups the Nokia 7.1 savings ante to a full $100 with AT&T activation
Hardcore fans of the spectacularly revived Nokia brand have only a few more days to wait for the US launch of that bonkers five-camera flagship with a surprisingly reasonable price point, but those looking to spend significantly less money on a substantially less impressive phone may want to hurry and pull the trigger over at Best Buy.

The mid-range Nokia 7.1, which was recently marked down from its $350 list price to $300 for the first time, is available even cheaper today... on one condition. You need to activate the handset on a new line of AT&T service upon purchasing it from Best Buy, although the device will still allow you to switch carriers whenever you want. Choosing to activate it further down the line will mean having to cough up $299.99, compared to the phone's $249.99 discounted price if you pick AT&T right off the bat.

Keep in mind that the Nokia 7.1 is not compatible with Verizon or Sprint, merely supporting GSM networks, which should make the aforementioned price cut pretty much irresistible for anyone not thinking of subscribing to T-Mobile or a smaller prepaid operator like Cricket Wireless or Metro.

At 250 bucks, this is certainly a solid mid-end affair with near-stock Android 9.0 Pie software and stellar support guaranteed for a while longer, as well as a respectable Snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB RAM, 64 gigs of internal storage space, 3,060 mAh battery capacity, dual 12 + 5MP rear-facing cameras with Zeiss optics, and a single 8MP selfie shooter. That's an extremely similar spec sheet to the Moto G7, which carries a recommended price point of $300 but is actually also on sale right now starting at $200.

The Moto G7 sports a larger 6.2-inch screen than the 5.8-inch Nokia 7.1, but it actually packs a slightly smaller battery and a slightly slower Snapdragon 632 SoC. The Nokia 7.1 is arguably more handsome as well (if you don't mind the wider notch), with a shiny glass back and a robust aluminum frame.

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