No Qualcomm for the Galaxy A55, rumor has it

No Qualcomm for the Galaxy A55, rumor has it
There was a time when SoC rumors gathered around the then-upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23. A tipster claimed that Samsung executives were banging their heads against the wall on the question of whether or not to put an in-house Exynos chip in the Galaxy S23. Apparently, later they got to bang heads together, as they settled for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (custom-made for Galaxy).

Today, SoC rumors about an upcoming Galaxy phone are again arising, albeit not for a flagship device, but for the expected mid-range Samsung Galaxy A55. The Dutch GalaxyClub has it that Samsung is testing a new Exynos chip for the Galaxy A55. This aligns perfectly with a report from last year that says Samsung will not ditch the Exynos line despite moving to Qualcomm for the Galaxy S23.

So, the Galaxy A55 will most probably pack something that’s carrying the current codename of S5E8845 and will allegedly turn out to be an Exynos 1480 processor. The logic behind it is that the Exynos 1280 chip had a codename of S5E8825, while the Exynos 1380 was the S5E8835 (look closely at the last two digits in the codenames).

The source also claims that the upcoming Exynos 1480 has another codename, being internally dubbed “Rose”.

The other thing GalaxyClub is revealing is that the Galaxy A55 will sport a 50 MP primary camera, much like the one that’s found on the Galaxy A54. It’s not clear if it will be exactly the same, or have a tweak or two to better market the device. The report doesn’t include other Galaxy A55 details, but they place their bet for a release in March 2024 – “possibly at the same time as a Galaxy A35”.

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