New useful features to hit the Google Play store app soon

New useful features to hit the Google Play store app soon
Two new features are headed to Google’s Play store app on Android and they are aiming at improving the user experience in different, but notable ways. 9to5Google reports that we’re to see a brand new download progress indicator and the option to archive apps.

Currently, if you are looking to check how much longer you’ll have to wait before that new app gets installed, you’ll have to bring down the quick settings menu. The download progress will be displayed just underneath it, along with your notifications.

While that is great, it is somewhat limiting, as you don’t have a persistent indicator. Having one always on screen – or the option to enable it – might help out people with limited connection speeds, who need to wait until one download is done before starting another.

Hence, the new download bubble is the upcoming solution. Reportedly, it will hang around on your screen and showcase your download’s progress, which will allow you to browse the store or do something else until the installation is done.

If you are one of those folks, who aren’t interested in such a feature: don’t worry! If you don’t want to see it, you can just never enable it. And if you do, it allows you to move it or dismiss it, so even if you turn it on, you can always quickly send it away.

Great? Great! What’s better? Having options. Another new feature is expected, namely the ability to Archive apps, instead of outright uninstalling them. This one was also officially announced, so it’s not as much of a surprise.

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Archiving basically allows you to delete an app, but keep the personal data associated with it. Personal data typically contains your settings, login information and for gamers – save data.

This option meant to help out users with phones that have smaller storage capacities. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are running low on space, you could always Archive an app, without having to worry about losing any progress or settings.

At any point after you’ve Archived an app, you could visit its page on Google Play and hit the Restore button, which at that point would’ve replaced Install. Whenever you do that, the app will download its missing files, allowing you to fully use it again.

When can Google Play’s new features get released?

Well, given that we’ve got this info thanks to an App teardown, that would mean that these functions are already in there in some capacity. Though that doesn’t mean that they are ready for release, it means that they are being actively tested.

As such, we can expect these features to become available soon to the public. If you happen to notice that you’ve got an update for the Play store pending, you should make a mental note to check for these in your app settings. 

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