Flagship battery champ Motorola Edge+ released on Verizon's fast 5G network

Flagship battery champ Motorola Edge+ is released on Verizon's fast 5G network
After twiddling its thumbs in the high-end phone space for a few years, it seems that Motorola waited for just the 5G era to come back with a bang. Its flagship Motorola Edge+ warrior launches today as a Verizon-exclusive, and its specs certainly merit your attention.

The best Motorola Edge+ for Verizon features:

  • 5000mAh battery powering an FHD+ display
  • Snapdragon 865 and 12GB RAM
  • 108MP main camera
  • Ultra fast 5G mmWave support
  • $999 price
  • Headphone jack

Needless to say, the combination of a giant battery pack with a frugal Full HD display has proven time and again to be a winning combination when it comes to battery life, and, thankfully, Moto didn't fall for the pixel density rat race. 

Huawei's flagships utilize this combo, and have shown to be of exceptional endurance on a charge because of it, and yet none of them carries the ginormous 5000mAh battery that the Motorola Edge+ has. Granted, the Galaxy S20 Ultra also has a 5000mAh battery but its 1440p display resolution and the rigid 120Hz refresh rate management put it at a disadvantage when it comes to battery life compared to the Edge+.

Best Verizon deals on the Motorola Edge Plus

The Motorola Edge+ costs as much as the humblest member of the Galaxy S20 series on Verizon which doesn't have mmWave 5G support, and as much as the OnePlus 8 Pro, which can't utilize Verizon's 5G as well.

You can get the Smoky Sangria or Thunder Grey Motorola Edge+ on Verizon for $999, and save half of the activation fee if you order online. In addition, customers who get a new line of service on select Unlimited plans can save up to $550 on a new Motorola edge+ with an applicable trade-in. Until June 3, Edge+ buyers get a $200 discount off the $999 list price as well, making the phone the best 5G model on Verizon you can buy:

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Those who switch from another carrier to a select Verizon unlimited plan will also get a $150 Verizon e-gift card for a total savings of up to $700. Verizon also throws in the usual freebies like Stream TV, an Amazon Echo Dot and a smart plug.

For current Verizon customers on some unlimited plans the savings can be up to $250 on a new Motorola edge+ with an applicable trade-in with an upgrade, plus a free Disney+ year. Alternatively, you can get the Edge+ for $41.66 a month on a 24-month installment plan to soother your immediate outlay.

Motorola Edge+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 vs OnePlus 8 Pro specs

To make the comparison as fair as possible price-wise, we'll use the Galaxy S20 and the 256GB version of the OnePlus 8 Pro, which is also $999. So, let's see how the three stack on paper.


Now, there are many nuances a simple table like that can't show properly, for more details check the full specs-sheet comparison. What quickly becomes apparent, however, is that the Motorola Edge+ easily keeps up with the Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Yes, its display isn't Quad HD and doesn't support 120Hz, but the S20 also has to switch to 1080p if you want the full 120Hz (at least for now). 

When it comes to battery, the Motorola is the clear winner but the OnePlus compensates with faster charging. In size and weight both phones are almost identical, which shows how much battery capacity Motorola would have had to sacrifice for even faster charging.

And while we're in the era of the true wireless earbuds, many still haven't replaced their favorite wired headphones. The Motorola Edge+ could be what they have been waiting to upgrade to. Sure, LG flagships still have the headphone jack as well, but they're not quite on par in other areas. 

In the camera department the battle is just as fierce. The Motorola brings the required hardware to the table, but it's yet to prove itself when it comes to image quality. Software updates are coming out for the OnePlus and the Samsung all the time, bringing more and more camera improvements. Will Motorola be able to keep up? We are putting the Edge and Edge+ through their review paces, and will tell you soon enough.

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