Rare Moto G Stylus deal makes the mid-ranger a pretty incredible bargain (with warranty)

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Rare Moto G Stylus deal makes the mid-ranger a pretty incredible bargain (with warranty)
If you're looking forward to the seemingly impending announcement of the Moto G Stylus (2022) but don't expect to be able to afford Motorola's next pen-wielding mid-ranger, there's a very interesting new eBay deal you may want to know about.

It's really not every day that you can find an older member of the company's extensive family of popular mid-end devices at a substantial discount in good working (and cosmetic) condition, so bargain hunters should definitely consider paying Bidallies a measly $129.95 for such a Moto G Stylus unit.

Motorola Moto G Stylus

128GB, Mystic Indigo, Refurbished, Very Good, 1-Year Warranty, Verizon
$129 95
$249 99
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Naturally, we're talking about refurbished phones available in a "limited quantity" here, but on the decidedly bright side of things, these particular "Mystic Indigo" units will come with a "comprehensive" one-year Allstate warranty included at no extra cost.

Bidallies, in case you're wondering, is a highly trusted eBay seller with a 98.5 percent positive feedback score based on more than 11,000 customer ratings from the last 12 months, so if the ultra-affordable handsets on sale here are described as "very good" from a cosmetic standpoint, with only "minor" scrapes or scratches present, that's almost certainly what you're going to receive.

Since a brand-new Moto G Stylus would normally set you back at least 250 bucks, you might also be wondering exactly what corners you'll have to cut or what hoops you'll need to jump through to score this very nice and rare $120 discount.

The answers are pretty simple, as you're actually dealing with Verizon-locked units originally released a couple of years ago. That's right, this is the 2020 rather than the 2021 generation, packing... the same exact 4,000mAh battery and an identical combination of 4 gigs of RAM and 128GB internal storage space.

Granted, the Snapdragon 665 processor is... no longer ideal, even by mid-range standards, but believe it or not, the older Moto G Stylus edition is actually sleeker and lighter than its successor, tipping the scales at 192 grams with a more premium body blending plastic with sturdy aluminum.

By no means as advanced as what you'd get from Samsung's S Pen-rocking flagships, the stylus experience is at worst a fun distraction and at best a legitimately useful way to boost your mobile productivity and enhance your creativity. All for the low, low price of $129.95, triple rear-facing camera system and modern hole punch design also included. Just keep in mind you'll have to be a Verizon customer to, well, make the Moto G Stylus work.

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