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Apple iPhone users trade in their older models more than Android users do

Consumers trade in more iPhone units than Android models
Today, the day when Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 series, a survey conducted by research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) of 2,000 smartphone users in the states, reveals that iPhone units get traded in more frequently than Android phones. One-third of the iPhone handsets being used in a trade are being exchanged to reduce the price of an upgrade. That number could be inflated by the iPhone Upgrade Program which allows iPhone users to trade in their iPhone every year for the latest model.

The survey showed that over 35% of iPhone owners who purchased a new or previously used handset over the 12-month period that ended in June had sold or traded in their iOS-powered phone. CIRP found that 30% used the trade-in route while 5% sold their devices. Of the Android users who got rid of their phones during the same time period, 10% decided to trade in their device while 5% found willing buyers.

More Android users end up keeping their old phone with nearly 50% putting it in a drawer, a shoebox, or some other place where they end up collecting dust and taking up space. While these consumers claim that they are saving the phone for "future use" (possibly to keep a table leg balanced), some don't see the value in selling the device or trading it in. It isn't only Android users who do this as 29% of iPhone users keep their phones once they are done using them.

10% of Android users and 5% of iPhone users recycle their phones. Apple has a robot named Daisy that can disassemble 15 different iPhone models at a rate of 200 per hour. 14% of Android phones were lost, stolen, or broken pretty much in line with the 12% of iPhone models that can't be found, were the subject of a theft, or were dropped.

CIRP's survey showed that 84% of iPhone users had a screen that was "perfect" or "scratched but usable" on their old iPhone. This compares to the 76% of Android owners who reported the condition of the screen on their old Android phone. 30% of Android-owning respondents said that their old Android phone runs all day without having to charge it while 23% of iPhone users have said the same thing about their old iOS device.

A poll done by showed that 10% of iPhone owners plan on upgrading to an iPhone 13 model. Analyst Gene Munster of Loup Venture said that there are over 400 million active iPhone units that are 3 years of age and older. He expects many of these phones to be traded in for new iPhone 13 models with 5G connectivity, faster chips, longer battery life, and better cameras providing some of the reasons why.
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