MediaTek publishes white paper on 6G, sharing its vision of the future technology

MediaTek publishes white paper on 6G, sharing its vision of the future technology
MediaTek has shared its vision of 6G in a recent white paper, explaining how 6G may help in the further development of digital technology around the world (via DigiTimes). In its white paper, MediaTek explains when 6G may be implemented and what would be the benefits of using 6G technology.

MediaTek assumes that around 2024/2025, the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) will begin the creation of the 6G standard and probably will release the first set of formal specifications in 2027. MediaTek believes that the implementation of 6G will begin around 2030.

In a statement, MingXi Fan, MediaTek's deputy general manager of Communication System Design, said, "MediaTek's vision is that 6G will enable intelligent connectivity with ubiquitous and transformational user experiences globally. With an AI-driven, wireless-compute cross-domain integrated and hyper-optimized communication system, 6G will provide truly user(demand)-centered, immersive and energy-efficient connectivity from dense urban areas to enterprises to even very remote regions. By focusing on the SOC design principles - simplexity, optimization and convergence - MediaTek will work with industry partners to make this vision for 6G a reality."

In its white paper, MediaTek highlights a few possible trends that may appear for mobile communications in the future. Some of these possible trends are:
  • New "killer applications" that would need better network performance. MediaTek presumes that some of these applications may be applications with extreme holographic and tactile communications, digital twins (a virtual representation of real physical objects), and applications using advanced telepresence.
  • Increasing the data transfer rate. MediaTek expects that due to the use of these "killer applications," the data transfer rate will increase and will need 6G technology to ensure low latency and sustainability during data transfer for a fast and reliable connection. According to MediaTek, 6G may be able to maintain data transfer rates from 1Gbps to 1Tbps, which is incredibly fast. With a 1Tbps download speed, it will take a second to download 12 full-length movies in 4K quality. Only for comparison, 5G has a theoretical peak of 10Gbps.
  • AI and machine learning may be utilized in keeping the 6G network secure. According to MediaTek, AI and machine learning may also be utilized for controlling the data flow inside the network, thus optimizing the network performance.

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