Pixel users on QPR2 Beta have huge decision to make; March Feature Drop coming later this month

Pixel users on QPR2 Beta have huge decision to make; March Feature Drop coming later this month
With the stable version of the Pixel March Feature Drop still delayed (it's coming later this month Google says), Google announced today that it will kick off the beta program for the June Feature Drop (Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1) on March 13th which is this coming Monday. On its official Reddit page, Google said that if you are on the QPR2 Beta and don't exit the program by this Monday, March 13th, you will automatically receive Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 next week.

But here is the big news Pixel people. If you were going to exit the Android 13 QPR2 Beta program without having to wipe your phone, it normally would have required you to install the stable version of QPR2 before opting out of the Beta program. But Google is making a big change. If you want the stable version of QPR2 aka the March Feature Drop later this month, you'll need to exit the Beta program first.

Google is giving those on the QPR2 beta the following options:

Before Monday, March 13th, go to www.google.com/android/beta or tap on this link. Click on the rectangle that says "View your eligible devices." You'll be taken to an image of your Pixel with the words Opt out underneath. Tap on it but ignore any buttons that are designed to "downgrade OTA update." As long as you ignore this, opting out will not force you to wipe your phone. You will still have to wait for the stable version of the QPR2 update (the March Feature Drop) to be released later this month.

Remember though, if you don't opt out, you won't receive the stable version of QPR2. If you can't wait to return to the latest public version, you can tap on "downgrade OTA update" but here is a warning: doing this will force you to wipe your phone. If you do nothing, you will receive the QPR3 Beta 1 update on Monday and you'll be forced to stick with the Beta program until June 5th when the June Feature Drop should be released by Google. That is unless you want to wipe your phone.

This is a big and complicated change and we'd hate for you to be forced to wipe your data if you don't want to. So if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section and I will try to answer them before Monday morning.

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