You wouldn’t believe how many AirPods and Apple Watch fakes got seized at this airport

You wouldn’t believe how much AirPods and Apple Watch fakes got seized at this airport
Hey, you’ve probably heard about this little company from Cupertino called Apple. You have?! Total shocker! Well, is it though? I mean, they make some of the best phones ever made, but they are kind of into making smartwatches and earbuds too.

The AirPods and Apple Watches have such a striking design that many people would buy some online solely based on it is look. Hence, companies that take advantage of that popped up, so that they can make a profit based on Apple's hard work. Tale as old as time, right? (good luck getting that song out of your head today!)

Tech fakes aren’t anything new. We’ve all seen “Deets by Bre” and the like, but this new story brings a new perspective. DC Area authorities have now seized 1,000 fakes of the AirPods and 50 fake Apple Watches in March alone. Wowsers!

This one comes courtesy of AppleInsider and when you truly realize that we’re talking numbers seized in just a single month, it hits hard. All of these units were distributed among four shipments coming from China. Wah-wah.

Judging by the report, even the packaging looked convincing, but officers managed to spot something fishy and held the shipments for a closer inspection. And even if they were right to do so, as of April 26, no one is being charged for the import.

But if Apple product fakes are this common, is there anything that you can do in order to ensure that what you are getting is legitimate? Of course! Here’s a quick list:

  • The plastic wrapping around the box should be tight and not loose
  • The getting started guide should be made out of premium paper

And for AirPods specifically:

  • The text on the units is darker than on the originals
  • The protruding buttons are positioned differently or stand out more
  • The ear tip material is stiffer, unlike the soft silicone included with legit pairs

But you know us: we already have a full guide on how to spot Fake AirPods right here! 

But naturally, the ultimate fake-prevention method is getting your tech from legitimate online stores or sellers that you know you can trust. You know how it is: if the price seems too low to be true, it likely is fake. It's a bummer, but sometimes the truth stings a bit. 

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