Grab an LG V30 for $450 here!

Grab an LG V30 for $450 here!

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The LG V30 is a pretty cool phablet. It's thin, sleek, light, has a great AMOLED screen and the best haptic feedback we've felt on an Android phone, and comes with LG's dedicated movie-shooting suite, giving you fine control over microphone settings, zoom focus, and filters. Unfortunately, it was largely unnoticed as the company has been on a downward spiral for the past couple of years, so not many people batted an eye when the V30 was released.

But if you are out and about looking for an affordable midranger, it might be a great time to give this overlooked jewel a chance. We found a seller dealing with refurbished units over at eBay. They are in A grade condition, meaning that it would only have minor marks of usage (if any).

One caveat, though — this model is Verizon-locked.

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