The latest iOS 15 update can ruin your CarPlay experience

The latest iOS 15 update can ruin your CarPlay experience
As if the iOS 15 bugs were not sufficient to begin with, now CarPlay users have started reporting issues with the app when they try to use it. To be more specific, we are talking about iOS 15.0.2, which seems to be the culprit in this case.

Users have started complaining on the web that the CarPlay app refuses to load when they try to connect it to their cars’ head units. If that is not a major bug, then I don’t know what is. Usually, the whole process should be seamless without any hurdles to interrupt it, aside from having to tap on the CarPlay app in some car models to get inside the menu.

At the very least, it looks as if this bug does not affect the ability to charge your iPhone while connected via a cable to the head unit. That could mean that it is not a connection issue. Nevertheless, those who use the app often remain understandably annoyed by the bug, so they have taken to Apple’s forums to find answers.

Unfortunately, the solutions that the tech giant has provided its users are rather lackluster and do little in aiding them. One proposition is to change the way you are connected to CarPlay, while another is to go to Settings > General > CarPlay, hit "Forget Car", and set it up again. Of course, most would have probably tried both of these propositions already.

To make matters even worse, in classic Apple fashion, there is a total lack of communication and transparency when it comes to the topic of a real solution. The big A has not even said if it acknowledges the bug, let alone if it is working on fixing it. So, if you are facing this issue and you are wondering how to fix it, the best you can do for now is wait and maybe scour the forums for updates from other users.

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