Do you think we will see a change now that Jony Ive is gone from Apple?

Do you think we will see a change now that Jony Ive is gone from Apple?
The big news this weekend was Jony Ive leaving Apple. The Chief Design Officer who gave us so many iconic products in the past. He’s not entirely gone, or at least that’s what we are told. Sir Ive will go on to run his own design company LoveFrom, which will still have Apple as a client.

So, we may still get to enjoy his work, either fully or to some extent.

Now, this is where the Internet went crazy with speculation. Some are saying that Sir Ive has been “phoning it in” for the past few years and pinning all of the… “questionable” design decisions on some Apple products we’ve seen lately to him not caring that much anymore.

If that’s the case, then how much passion can we expect from his design team now that they will be working for Apple as an outside entity and not as the core of the company? Do you fear that Apple products will deteriorate in design quality or do you maintain faith that the remaining employees, together with LoveFrom as an outside company, will be able to keep up with the standards they have set for Apple design?

Do you think Apple designs will get worse now?

Nah, they will be good!
They are already going downhill... have you seen that triple camera module?
I haven't been disappointed so far, but now I fear for the future
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