Oh no... this had better not be the real iPhone XI

Oh no... this had better not be the real iPhone XI
So, in the past 48 hours, the Internet was kind of set ablaze by a new hot leak — an iPhone XI (iPhone X 2? Who knows?) leak. Reiterated and re-affirmed by multiple reputable leaksters and sources, a render, allegedly based on real information about the next iPhone, popped up to show us... a triple camera! Oh, also, it's arranged in a very awkward fashion.

So, the camera placement stays at the top-left of the phone's back, but the whole bump has grown into a big square, enough to hold three lenses, the LED flash, and the microphone.

This was kind of gut-wrenching for a lot of fans, who are hoping to see the camera bump shrink and disappear instead of growing even bigger. Also, some found the awkwardly-placed lenses to lack any symmetry or finesse.

But was it just a vocal few, or does everybody dislike what we saw in that leak?

Well, check out these poll results:

What do you think about the alleged iPhone XI look?

Oh no... Burn it! All of it!
I guess... I can learn to live with it.
It's fine.

Yeah, it looks very similar across our social media — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube... People aren't exactly thrilled.

The good news is that this is very probably still in the prototype stage and there's a chance that Apple might decide on a different design before it kicks off mass production.
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