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Apple still has not fixed this app making users very angry

Apple still has not fixed this app making users very angry
Last month, we told you about problems that Apple iPhone 12 series users were having with the Messages app. For example, some complained about not seeing all of the messages sent to their group chat. Apple told one of our loyal readers to change their settings and last we heard, that fix seemed to work for him. However, it now appears that other problems with the Messages app have been spotted on iPhone models besides the 2020 iPhone 12 line.

Apple iPhone users with iOS 14 still suffering from snafus with Messaging apps

New posts with today's date have been published on the Apple Support Communities board and they mention a new issue with the Messages app. For example, some iPhone 11 series handsets are not receiving text or sound notifications when text message is received. While some noticed the problem after updating to iOS 14, others say that they have had this issue even before the update was dropped by Apple. Interestingly, one user disabled messages notification on his Apple Watch and the problem went away on his iPhone 11 Pro (which was running iOS 14.2). Another user found that disconnecting the Apple Watch from his iPhone ended the problem.

An Apple Support Communities member with the handle of JohnnyH24 wrote, "I too am having the same issues. I’m simply not receiving audio text and message notifications. Just the other day I received texts from 4 people in the same short time period; the only notifications I received came from those 2 using Android. But not all Android are getting through, I’m missing audio (and now haptic) notifications from family who use Android. Texts from iOS, have almost no chance of giving me an audio indication, and those from services/ politicians have a very good chance of showing up and interrupting what I’m doing (strangely, not Amazon, though). Location based notifications work great for Target/Walmart/Best Buy with a high level of annoyance if I fail to close those apps.

I thought the problem was with my iPad intercepting messages and texts, but iMessage has been turned off on it for the last month/month and a half. The only change in my Apple universe was my Apple Watch battery expanded and broke in September, but I was already having issues with random notifications only appearing on the iPad. Everything else is the same (ATT and WiFi). As for checking DND, I’m not receiving these notifications for my exclusions - those allowed to contact me after hours. Sorry. I refuse to go “nuclear” on the phone as I had a corrupt backup when wiping/restoring the iPad in October."

The problems affecting the Messages app include the inability to send or receive messages, the aforementioned lack of notifications, and other problems. With iPhone users getting more and more upset, the worst off have no messaging capabilities at all. Some users are receiving notifications on certain messages and not on others. The issues affecting the Messages app are also affecting some third party messaging apps on iOS such as Signal and WhatsApp.

While Apple really needs to take care of this problem immediately, so far the company has responded with silence, unlike the affected iPhone users who are beginning to complain. And some claim to have had these issues for more than a year. Craig Isbell wrote today on the Support Communities forum "I have had this issue since I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Watch S5. I believe it started with iOS 13. It's intermittent, but tends to mostly inoperable. Text message notifications and sometimes phone calls do not come through with the audible and visual settings set to "on," consequently, I can go long spans without notification on critical messages. It's not a reproducible error "on command," so I can't just show up at a genius bar and show them. Often, the only way I know about a message is the haptic feedback I get from my watch (also always silenced intentionally), otherwise I'd never know I've received a message without picking up the phone. On top of this, I've experienced situations when I have the volume on the phone set to OFF and I'll get an audible text ping for a message, even though I shouldn't. Something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Glad to know finally, after over a year of this, I'm not crazy. LOL."

Hopefully Apple will soon issue a software update that will exterminate the Messages bugs because many iPhone users take sending and receiving such messages very seriously.
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