Would you get an iPhone with Fortnite for $10,000?

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Would you get an iPhone with Fortnite for $10,000?
We knew that Fortnite was popular but nothing in the world suggested it is THAT popular just before the weekend. After Apple and Google kicked the Epic Games cash cow out of their respective app stores for violating their purchasing policies by daring to wiggle its own payment system into the Fortnite game app on iOS and Android, now iPhones with preinstalled Fortnite go for over $10,000 on eBay.

Wait, what? Yes, a bunch of listings sprung up over the weekend that ask exorbitant amounts of money for iPhones and iPads that still have Fortnite on them so the gamers can play, as those devices that already had Fortnite on them, aren't affected by Google or Apple's Epic ban.

While the sellers wait for someone to click on the "Buy it now" button, Epic decided to sue both Apple and Google over Fortnite, and it has a pretty strong case on its hands, even though the drama unfolded because Epic pushed a Fortnite update that allowed players to get in-game currency at a lower rate than usual, thus circumventing the infamous App Store "tax." 

So, in a nutshell, our question is whether you would shell out any amount for something you used to get for free just last Friday, future of the mobile gaming industry at stake or not?

Would you get an iPhone with Fortnite at a high price?




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