Grab an iPhone 7 32 GB for just $347 here

Grab an iPhone 7 32 GB for just $347 here

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So, the 2017 iPhones were a bit of a letdown. Not counting the uber-expensive iPhone X, which finally revitalized the Apple handset design, the regular iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were more of the same. Well, we did get wireless charging and glass backs, but that's the thing — not everybody likes a glass back on their phone.

Then, there are the 2016 iPhones — the 7 and the 7 Plus — which are still pretty powerful, have good cameras, and will give you the cool touch of metal when you grab them. Oh, they also come in matte or shiny black, while the iPhone 8 did away with the stealthy finish. So, it's a great time to buy an iPhone 7, especially if you go refurbished or second-hand.

All that said, we found a pretty good deal on refurbished iPhone 7 units on Newegg. You can only get the black variant and only with 32 GB of storage, but hey — that's actually a pretty good amount of storage, especially since Apple updated its picture and video coding algorithms to make your memorabilia take 50% less space.

For the next 5 days, you can grab one of these for $346.99. Usually, refurbished iPhone 7 units go for about $380, so you will also have some extra cash for a cool case or two... or a bunch of Lightning-to-headphones adapters.


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