Instagram is working on a feature similar to BeReal

Instagram is working on a feature similar to BeReal
It appears that Instagram is working on another new feature. A popular tipster and reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, has recently tweeted that the social media is developing a feature called Candid Challenges.

With Candid Challenges enabled, you will receive a notification every day, at a different time, reminding you to take a photo using both the front and rear-facing cameras of your phone and share it within two minutes. But wait, doesn't this sound familiar? Isn't this like the main feature of the BeReal app? Well, yeah, it appears so.

As we know, tech companies constantly copy each other, which isn't a bad thing at all. This way, we, as users, get to experience nice features on more apps and devices. The goal of the BeReal app is for people to show their true selves without any filters or preparations. Furthermore, the BeReal app is currently a complete hit among younger people. By implementing such a feature, Meta may increase the time young people spend on Instagram.

After Alessandro Paluzzi's tweet, an Instagram spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that the social media is really working on Candid Challenges, but it's just an "internal prototype" at the moment. In addition, the spokesperson stated that the new feature hadn't even been tested externally. However, they didn't say when Instagram would make Candid Challenges available to everyone. Also, as with all features still in development, Instagram might decide to scrap the project and not release it at all. At the moment, it doesn't seem likely — given the popularity of BeReal — but it's still a possibility nevertheless.

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