Instagram finally lets you add more than one link in your bio

Instagram now allows for up to five links in the profile bio
Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, is finally allowing the millions of its users to add more than a single link in their profile bios. This change was revealed just recently by Meta head honcho Mark Zuckerberg himself, admitting that adding multiple links to a Instagram profile bio has been one of the most requested features up until now. 

If you go to your Instagram account right now and tap on the Edit profile button, you will find that the add links menu lightly changed, allowing you to add up to five external links in your profile, including your Facebook account which also counts up towards the quota. 

Engadget reports that as the change rolls out to the regular Instagram user, the app might even prompt you to populate your bio with external links. However, in your actual Instagram bio, only one link will show up, with a hint as to how many other links follow; those will be shown at a tap. 

Up until now, Instagram users willing to add more external links to their profiles had to resort to third-party solutions, with the most popular one being the Linktree service. If you wanted to direct your followers to other social networks of websites, you have to sign up for Linktree, add your links in the service, and finally, input the single Linktree link into your Instagram bio. A cumbersome and unintuitive process, all things considered, but it's worth noting that Linktree, as well as most other services of the type, allow you to input more than five links, as well as some extra customization of your dedicated page.  

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