Instagram working on a "version" of a chronological feed to come next year

Instagram working on a "version" of a chronological feed to come next year
Instagram has been right into a controversy recently with the information disclosed by an ex-Facebook employee who turned whistleblower. However, the company has not stopped bringing improvements to the social media platform, and now, AndroidCentral reports about another new (or shall we say old) feature that's going to come soon to Instagram.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated the platform will bring back the chronological feed (somewhat)

The chronological feed on Instagram was replaced by another algorithm back in 2016. However, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that the company is working to bring it back, and the announcement was made during a Senate hearing. He stated that the company is currently working on a version of a chronological feed that it hopes to be able to launch next year.

The feed that was introduced back in 2016 is not chronological, but more like a feed of what you would like to see in the app based on an algorithm (and your interactions and liked images on the app), and many people haven't been happy with it. Mosseri stated earlier that this feed was introduced because people were missing 70% of posts in Feed, including almost half of posts from their close friends.

However, the algorithm includes also posts from accounts people don't follow and this has made many users unhappy.

Despite this announcement, it is still unclear when exactly the new version of a chronological feed will be introduced to Instagram and how exactly will it be implemented.

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