iSpy with my little eye: CIA worked on iPhone security hacks from day one, claims Snowden

"I spy with my little eye," said CIA, and tried to hack Apple's iPhone from day one, at least according to the world's top leakster and major NSA annoyance, Edward Snowden. 

He revealed some documents today that showed how by "studying both “physical” and “non-invasive” techniques, U.S. government-sponsored research has been aimed at discovering ways to decrypt and ultimately penetrate Apple’s encrypted firmware." 

We all know that when there is NSA will, there is a way, but that's not all - our freedom fighters have developed a Trojan for Xcode, Apple's programming platform with which millions of apps are created, too, aiming to “force all iOS applications to send embedded data to a listening post.” That's not to say the CIA succeeded in implanting said code, as Apple has been pretty adamant with security lately, but the sole hack development factoid is rather disturbing.


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