This is Tim Cook's letter to customers about Apple privacy and security

This is Tim Cook's letter to customers about Apple privacy and security
In some pretty bad timing, the leak of celebrity nude photos from iCloud came just before the announcement of the new Apple iPhones. As expected, there was no mention of the incident until after the iPhone event. First, Apple turned on notifications for when your iCloud was accessed via the web, then launched two-factor authentication for iCloud. Now, Tim Cook has written an open letter to customers, detailing Apple's commitment to privacy and security.

Cook's letter is just about what you'd expect. It starts out with an attempt to reassure users not only of the privacy and safety of using iCloud, but of the new mobile payment system coming next month, Apple Pay. There is also the contrast between Apple's business model ("We sell great products"), and a thinly veiled shot at Google, saying that Apple doesn't build a profile of your data, and doesn't monetize your information. 

Here's the full letter. What do you guys think of it?

source: Apple via WSJ


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