How many iPhone owners will upgrade their device this year?

Most of the users, looking to upgrade their iPhone, will choose this year's model, according to the survey

According to some circulating rumors, we might be getting three iPhone models this year – one bigger iPhone X (probably getting the Plus moniker), one slightly updated iPhone X, and a brand-new 6.1" iPhone, which might be the "budget" option Apple gives us. But will users even bother to get a new iPhone? Well, according to a survey made by research company Loup Ventures, around one-fifth of iPhone users will upgrade to one of the upcoming iPhone models, that are yet to be announced.

The research was done in the US and had 511 people participating. However, only 226 of them were iPhone users and the data you're about to see is based on their answers. 

According to the survey, 42% of iPhone owners plan to upgrade their device this year. Breaking down the numbers, 22% plan to get one of the new iPhone models that will probably be announced this fall. This data is similar to March, 2017, when the same survey was held. Back then, 23% said they would upgrade to that year's iPhone generation.

The % of users who plan to get the newest iPhone hasn't changed that much

On the other hand, 20% will go with the latest iPhone 8 or iPhone X. It's good that the 2017 models will continue seeing some love, as it will help in Apple's ambitions to become the first trillion dollar company in the world.

All being said, the survey might not have the most accurate data, as it is relatively small-scaled and we don't know anything about the new iPhone models, so take everything with a grain of salt.

source: Loup Ventures, via 9to5mac


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