iPhone sales outgrow Nokia N8 by 6-to-1 in Europe

iPhone sales outgrow Nokia N8 by 6-to-1 in Europe
Six to one would be associated with a very uneven soccer game score in Europe, but in this case, it shows how sales of Apple's iPhone are rating against sales of Nokia's current flagship, the N8, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Patrick Standaert. The analyst used data from 150 phone stores in five European countries to come to that conclusion. Europe is one of Nokia's strongholds, but it seems that even there the company cannot match sales of the iPhone. Buyers were reportedly content with the Nokia N8, however many noted that the Ovi Store was still lacking in apps in comparison to the App Store.

The analyst pointed out that at such rates Nokia would sell 2.5 million units of its flagship in the fall months and a total of 9 million through 2011. According to a recent report by Gartner, Nokia still has the leading position in global smartphone sales with a market share of 36.6 per cent. If the Nokia N8 sells at the projected rates, Nokia's market share will fall to 35 per cent, which would still keep the Finns first.

Espoo went through a restructuring and a change in the company's management in an effort to regain its position in smartphone sales and since then there are some signs of hope as Ovi Store grew to some 3 million app downloads a day and has nearly 400,000 registered developers. Symbian^3 still suffers from not being fully touch optimized and its basic apps are not performing on par with what we see in Android and iOS. What do you think is the future for Nokia?

source: Electronista

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10. Zetsubozu0012 unregistered

Pardon me, but while the Nokia's managed to sell roughly 4 million units of the N8 the previous year, Samsung still beats that number with a whopping 5 million. Considering how fragmented Android is, and how many phones there are that use the OS, it's quite a bit more impressive than the N8 sales, since there are only a handful of phones that use the latest version of Symbian. The fact that I own a Galaxy S might have something to do with my composing this post. Anyway, about the whole Android versus Symbian thing (I flat out refuse to allude to iOS), why the heck is it that no one can just seem to accept that not everyone has the same needs in ther mobile? I mean, what is it that makes people want to say that X OS is better than Y, or vise-versa? Get over it people! You're starting to show how much free time you guys have. Get over it. PLEASE. If nothing, than please spare us forum-trawlers who don't really give a hoot about your little feuds. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Cheers.

9. Jad unregistered

to logic, mate the n8 already outsold the galaxy S for 2010 :)

7. logic unregistered

all of you must be high on drugs. nokia n8 better than iphone4? well.. MAYBE but nokia n8 better than samsung galaxy s GT-I9000? definitely NOT. The only advantage it has is the camera but if I wanted a very high end HD camera, I'll go buy a REAL hd camera. Better yet, don't mind me and the "critics".. THE GLOBAL SALES report of Samsung Galaxy S vs. Nokia N8 shows the facts PERIOD. You can go cry now ladies.

6. sevenlee unregistered

yeah i agree Jean and hoping for the updates for my N8...i love my N8 and it keeps rocking...

5. MJ unregistered

I'm totally agree with jean. The bloggers, journalists who criticise nokia are just jealous with it bcoz nokia makes best phones and they can't see nokia doing gud or perhaps they are paid for doing so. iphone 4 may be best for gaming but n8 is all rounder and iphone 4 is owned by those who do not have much to do with their phone but they keep it for showing that they have money to afford it.

4. htainlintha

Posts: 73; Member since: Mar 20, 2010

I agreed with Jean totally...

3. jean2008 unregistered

Android is pathetic to use compared to Symbian ^3. Android is impractical and has a messed up presentation. You never know how to quit an app. Sometimes you can't and it stays running in the background, Multitaking receives a very bad implementation in Android. On the contrary all this is simple, fast, easy and very stable on Symbian ^3. Touch screen is very responsive, far better than most Android Phones incuding those who use Snapdragon hardware that consumens battery in less than a day. The Nokia N8 can be used on heavy duty for 3 days and can handlean entire week with simple and sparse phone use without recharging. This is beyond what any iPhone including 4 and any Android can handle. So people talking about Symbian ^3 phones, especially some journalists, haven't spent time using them. It's a shame ! They use info on older Symbian S60 V5 ou V3 phones and extrapolate these info to make believe N8 and other Symbian ^3 phone are alike. Symbian S60 V5 phone like the 5800 was a cheap plastic phone, had resistive screen made of plastic, not scratch proof, no multitouch and had a CPU running twice slower than N8 had 4 times less memory including that necessary to run the system, had no 3D optimized GPU and the N8 / C7 / C6-01 / E7 / X7 have one among the faster for mobile. Even flgship phone N97 had only many features but very weak computer hardware compared to those using Symbian ^3. It's like saying, Because MS Windows 3.1 was slower on a PC in 1992, than last Ubuntu realease on a modern PC in 2010, MS Windows 7 is crap, and everybody should run on Linux Ubuntu or Mac OSX, and the latter just because it has cooler icons than Windows 7. That is about how is treated Nokia, Symbian ^3 and especially the N8 in any test or official media comment one can read.

1. daniel_bargs

Posts: 325; Member since: Nov 27, 2010

nokia is dead. im not a fan anymore of nokia.screw them! i love iOS and android now :D

8. Showie Khwarit Saleem Khan unregistered

Loda katie gapit diga ie gapa ra nazanie aganie swarit mishom..................(Undrostod). The Nokia N8 is the best mobile in the world.

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